How to increase number of virtual models in student licence

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Pandia Raja
Pandia Raja le 14 Sep 2018
How to increase number of virtual models in student licence

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 14 Sep 2018
Purchase Mathworks (the entire company) and direct them to change the license restrictions of the Student licenses.
Mathworks is a privately held company that is not generally considered to be for sale. There is, however, the human truth that if you offer enough money and solid enough plans to continue the legacy that has been developed, that humans might accept the offer.
My speculation is that if you were able to put together a buyout team that Cleve and Jack really truly respect, that you might be able to purchase Mathworks for as little as $US 18 billion, but otherwise you should expect more like $US 24 billion to $US 32 billion. And if it is Microsoft doing the buying, perhaps 10 times that or more.

Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser le 14 Sep 2018
With the risk of getting the reputation of missing sense of humor - thank you Walter for this awesome answer - I like to respond differently.
Pandia, I assume you refer to the limitation of 1000 nonvirtual blocks? As the Student Version is supposed to be for students during their studies, e.g. during lectures and small homework scope, I am not aware of reasons to have model larger than this.
Can you share more about your need? If you are a Student and got an assignment like a Master Thesis, then I would make a different recommendation as opposed to you being a lecturer planning a course your students should be able to complete with a Student Version.


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