Matlab Function block(Creaed from Simulink) calling an .m script

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I m trying to call a .m file from my function block so that I dont initialize the variables each time. But I get an error "This text contains non-empty top-level expressions" and it looks like a script error when I am trying to run the script. My Initialize script just contains only a line a=10; What am I doing wrong? :)

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Zenin Easa Panthakkalakath
Edited: Zenin Easa Panthakkalakath on 25 Sep 2018
There is an easier way to write a few lines of code that needs to be run before the simulation starts. Go to Model Properties > Callbacks > InitFcn and type in your code there.
Have a look at the documentation on Model Callbacks to execute scripts at specified action points:

Oscar Julian Gonzalez Villarreal
That solution is horrendous.
Just imagine the simplest of the scenarios where you had your code in command line using ode45 with scripts like this for a normal vehicule calculating equations of motion. This is the simplest example, and yet you cannot even apply this.
The hell with this. I am going back to ode45. Absolute garbage. 0 points to simulink.
Define_Parameters; %Script with all inertas, masses, etc
Calculate_Equations_Of_Motions; %Script calculating the equations of motion
Calculate_Kinematic_Equations; %Script calculating kinematic dynamics


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