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Will I to receive matlab version to probe on laboratory

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Adalberto Simango
Adalberto Simango le 18 Sep 2018
My name is José Enrique García Arteaga, a professor at the Jean Piaget University in Mozambique and president of the Engineering Department. I am teaching classes in the Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering course. Our laboratories have shortages of equipment and components to perform laboratory practices, so we are going to request the possibility of obtaining a version of MatLab for the realization of simulated practices, it could be a student license for a term of one year that allows us to perform simulations in the area of telecommunications, electronics, signal processing, automatic control among others.

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Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser le 19 Sep 2018
Mozambique is supported by Mathworks' distributor in South Africa. For business-related questions, please contact them.


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