Matlab data type inconsistence for when running matlab code in MCR and Matlab studio

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Lijie on 25 Jun 2012
I have a piece of matlab code below which reads data from a table. When I run this code in Matlab studio, the type is cell array. But when I use my Java code to run this code in MCR, the type is double array. My Matlab Studio version is 2012a. My MCR version now is 2011b. I'm trying to upgrade my MCR version to 2012a. Besides the possible version issue, does anybody know other possible reason which causes this issue? Thanks!
cur = exec(conn, ['SELECT CAST(Customer_Key AS NUMERIC(38,6)), CAST(Product_Key AS NUMERIC(38,6)), Spend FROM ' inputTable]); cursor = fetch(cur);

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owr on 25 Jun 2012
I no longer have access to the database toolbox, but it sounds like it could be related to the preference you have set for the "DataReturnFormat". Check in your code to see if you are calling "setdbprefs" or something similar:

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