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undefined function 'corrplot

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Alwin on 25 Jun 2012
Commented: Adam Danz on 13 Apr 2021
Hi, I wanted to create a graphical correlation matrix according using the corrplot function ( but when I try using the function I get the following message:
Undefined function 'corrplot' for input arguments of type 'double'.
I also looked for the function using 'which'- command. And I couldn't find the functiin. Is it possible that my Matlab version (2011b) doesn't have the function? Is it possible to download the function on the Mathworks website?
Thank you.

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Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 17 May 2020
Edited: Adam Danz on 17 May 2020
FYI, plotmatrix() is quite similar and with just a few additional lines, you can recreate most of the corrplot().
Here's a demo.
% Load data
% Unlike corrplot, plotmatrix cannot receive a table.
% Form a matrix of variables in each column.
data = [Horsepower, Weight, Acceleration, MPG];
nVars = size(data,2);
% Remove any rows that contain NaN values. Otherwise corr() will
% return NaN.
data(any(isnan(data),2), :) = [];
% Create plotmatrix
figure('Name', 'carsmall_data')
[sh, ax, ~, hh] = plotmatrix(data);
% Add axis labels
arrayfun(@(h,lab)ylabel(h,lab),ax(:,1), {'Horsepower','Weight','Accel.','MPG'}')
arrayfun(@(h,lab)xlabel(h,lab),ax(end,:), {'Horsepower','Weight','Accel.','MPG'})
% Compute correlation for each scatter plot axis
[r,p] = arrayfun(@(h)corr(h.Children.XData(:),h.Children.YData(:)),ax(~eye(nVars)));
% Label the correlation and p values
sprintf('r=%.2f, p=%.3f',r,p),'Horiz','Left','Vert','top','FontSize',8,'Color','r'),...
% Change marker appearance
set(sh, 'Marker', 'o','MarkerSize', 2, 'MarkerEdgeColor', ax(1).ColorOrder(1,:))
lsh = arrayfun(@(h)lsline(h),ax(~eye(nVars)));
% Add least square regression line.
set(lsh,'color', 'm')
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Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 13 Apr 2021
Note: based on conversation with dpb, the correlation coefficient and the slope of the regression line are equal after standardizing the data. For example (comparing Weight and Horsepower)
rho = corr([Weight, Horsepower],'type','pearson','rows','pairwise','tail','both')
rho = 2×2
1.0000 0.8733 0.8733 1.0000
n = isnan(Weight) | isnan(Horsepower);
ans = 1×2
0.8733 0.0000

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owr on 25 Jun 2012
It looks like it was added in 2012A. I dont think there is anywhere to download just one function, too many dependencies, best thing would be to install 2012A if possible.

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