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MRC compiling error with GUI including xPC target simulink application

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Zhuo Li
Zhuo Li le 28 Juin 2012
Hi, I tried to build my GUI project as a standalone executable file. However, I guess maybe it's due to the project is too complicated, I always get a compiling error which doesn't specify the error. My GUI includes calling of several simulink applications and plotting of external data functionality. Also, a few of the simulink applications are xPC target applications. Currently, the GUI and simulink applications all work fine. I just can't export it as a standalone file. I wonder is this achievable at all? or I didn't make the right configuration. More detailed info can be provided if needed. Thanks in advance.

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Adam Filion
Adam Filion le 29 Juin 2012
Modifié(e) : Adam Filion le 29 Juin 2012
Hi Zhuo, your question has been answered in an earlier post, linked below. The short answer is, MATLAB Compiler does not support compiling Simulink applications directly, but there are workarounds that will let you deploy a GUI that calls a Simulink application. See the link below for details.

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