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Does the text analytics toolbox allow users to test out-of-sample perplexity with LDA?

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I want to create two samples from my data: one for training and one for testing. Then I want to fit the LDA model using the training sample. Then I want to test the preplexity of the test sample using the fitted model. Is this possible with the text analytics toolbox?


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Christopher Creutzig
Christopher Creutzig on 26 Nov 2018
The second output of logp gives you the perplexity.
txt = extractFileText('sonnets.txt');
sonnets = split(txt,[newline newline]);
sonnets = sonnets(5:2:end);
td = tokenizedDocument(sonnets);
bow = bagOfWords(td(1:50));
mdl = fitlda(bow,5,'Verbose',0);
[~,perpl] = logp(mdl, encode(bow,td(51:53)))
% perpl = 337.4999

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