How to edit default Figure Toolbar in R18?

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Mark on 17 Oct 2018
Answered: Scott Nuccio on 26 Jun 2019
Since I updated to Matlab R18, same buttons disappeared in the figure environment (Zoom buttons, Data Cursor etc.). I tried looking up how to edit this, but I cannot get it to work. What came closest to a solution seems this: How do I customize a figure toolbar by removing certain buttons?
However this removes buttons, meaning that they will be listed when using the findall(gcf) command. The buttons I am looking for are not listed and I can therefore not edit them I assume. How can I get these buttons back on my figure toolbar by default?
Enrico on 7 Nov 2018
However, the icon to launch the Plot Browser is neither in the window toolbar neither among the buttons appearing in the plot area. Of course, it is not a big effort to pass through the View menù, but the icon was handy. Is there a way to edit the figure window toolbar? Thanks a lot in advance.

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Answers (1)

Scott Nuccio
Scott Nuccio on 26 Jun 2019
See my post here:
Should help you remove, add, and edit the buttons.


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