Plottools on/off button in figure toolbar R2018b

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It seems that the plottools on/off button in the figure toolbar to easily switch between active/inactive property editor/plot browser/figure palette view has been removed in R2018b (at least I can find it anymore). I know that you can turn the figure exploration toolbar on and off or add custom built buttons, but is there an easy way to get the plottools on/off button back (via startup.m, preferably)?
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Duc Le
Duc Le on 25 Jan 2019
I second this. I think they made a very counterintuitive move in this. Now the plottool is not easy to open, and it crash on my linux machine when i try to open it using plottools('on'). Very annoying

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Scott Nuccio
Scott Nuccio on 26 Jun 2019


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