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Changing number of workers while running simulations?

Asked by Bruce Vernham on 22 Oct 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Bruce Vernham on 8 Nov 2018
I am using parsim to run my simulink model with multiple parameters variations on multiple workers.
Is it possible for me to change number of workers while the simulations are in progress?


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Answer by Rahul Kumar on 31 Oct 2018
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Hi Bruce,
Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to change the number of workers while the simulations are in progress. parsim uses a parallel pool to run simulations. Once the parallel pool is created the number of workers cannot be changed.
Could you please provide more details of why you need to change the number of workers during simulations so that we can add this capability in the future?
Thanks, Rahul

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Hello Rahul,
Thank you for replying. This need arises when we are running co-simulations with other software(as slave), which has fixed number of solver licenses. Availability of other software licenses changes with time. If number of worker could be changed with while the simulations are running, we could have more workers when demand for other software licenses is less, and vice versa.

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