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How can I keep the date visible at the bottom of the graph?

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So, I have been trying to figure out why the date at the bottom right of the graph keeps disappearing when I try to edit the X ticks and their labels. With the standard plot, the date is visible as shown:
But it disappears when I edit the ticks:
set(gca,'XTickLabel',xt) %xt is a cell array with the labels (empty cell for removing label)
set(gca,'XTick', xticks) %xticks is a double vector with the tick positions
It is really helpful to be kept there and I can't find out. Any ideas? Thanks


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Accepted Answer

jonas on 26 Oct 2018
Edited: jonas on 26 Oct 2018
xticks should not be a double vector if you use datetime, it should be a datetime vector. I would expect anything else to return an error, but I could be wrong. Also, why are you changing the labels? Doing so will likely cause this behaviour. The date at the bottom right is a special datetime-type label. You can access it via
ax.XRuler.NodeChildren(1).String = 'test'
Messing with the labels might prompt the axis to remove that functionality.
Anyway, you need to show your script if you want a more precise answer.


Needless Needless Also
Needless Needless Also on 26 Oct 2018
Thanks for helping. The xticks is a datetime vector already. I agree, there is no big deal at this moment to change the labels, I just wanted more accuracy (e.g every 15 min labels) but is seems as if the date disappears once that's altered.
jonas on 26 Oct 2018
You dont have to change to ticklabels for that. Just change the xticks. The labels are changes automatically. Still the same problem? If so, can you provide your code and data?
Needless Needless Also
Needless Needless Also on 26 Oct 2018
You 're right. I just had to change the ticks and worked. Simple enough. Thanks again.

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