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How to change the direction of a revolute joint in MATLAB R2018b with Simscape Multibody?

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Hi all,
I would like to change the direction for the Z revolute primitive to counter-clockwise. I have tried to insert a Rigid Transform block after the RevoluteJoint block in my Simulink model as shown in the provided image. Afterwards, I selected the arbitrary axis method and set the axis as [0 0 1] and angle as 0 degree; however, this does not apply any change to the rotating direction around the Z-axis. I would like your advice on how to make this direction change in Simscape.
Thank you for your help.

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Nicolas Schmit
Nicolas Schmit le 12 Déc 2018
If you wand to flip the revolute joint, insert a rigid transform with a 180 degree rotation around X or Y axis before AND after the revolute joint.

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