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Can you use cell or struct as function input?

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Haozi on 4 Jul 2012
Commented: Jan on 26 Jun 2018
Or can you use cell or struct as function output?


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Geoff on 4 Jul 2012
Yes, and yes.
I'm puzzled that you're asking this here when you could quite easily test for yourself... Part of the process of coding is trying things out. Have faith that this process usually does not break your computer.
function [output] = AnswerMyQuestion( input )
output = input;
% Can I pass structs in and out of functions?
result = AnswerMyQuestion( struct('astring', 'value', 'anumber', 1) ) );
% Can I pass cells in and out of functions?
result = AnswerMyQuestion( cell(3,3) );


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Jan on 5 Jul 2012
@Haozi: These topic belong to the general basics of Matlab and the forum is not the right location to discuss about them. Please read the "Getting Started" chapters of the documentation.
BGranato on 26 Jun 2018
I actually have the same question. I have a function and I'm trying to call it with an input variable of type struct and it won't allow me.
PS: I thought all questions were welcome...?
Jan on 26 Jun 2018
@BGranato: Please open a new thread and post the details there: Which function? Which input? Which error message?

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