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Gstreamer 1.0 error for Matlab 2018b

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Prospero Naval
Prospero Naval le 3 Nov 2018
Réponse apportée : LO le 27 Fév 2019
Hi, I'm having the following error which I didn't get in 2017b:
Error using VideoReader/init (line 611) Video file I/O requires Gstreamer 1.0 and higher. Install this on your system and restart MATLAB.
Error in VideoReader (line 176) obj.init(fileName);
I tried this command outside Matlab and it works: gst-launch-1.0 playbin uri=file:[filename]
Pros Naval

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LO le 27 Fév 2019
Hi Prospero
I am trying to import a video stream from gstreamer in matlab. Could you share the code on how to do that ?

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