please what are the names of the different types of neural network available in matlab?

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uhunoma on 5 Nov 2018
Commented: uhunoma on 7 Nov 2018
for example some types of neural networks are 1. Convolution neural network 2. Recurrent neural network 3. Extreme learning machine 4. Deep belief neural network etc.

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Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro on 7 Nov 2018
There are for sure Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks in release 2018b of MATLAB.
However, as Greg commented above, since you can build your own network with different types of layers, or even create custom layers, you may also be able to do some of these other fancy names you listed out.
- Sebastian
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uhunoma on 7 Nov 2018
thanks for your reply. before i go into building a neural network, i will like to have a list of the different neural network types commonly used. This will enable me to study them and decide on the suitable once for some group of task i will be involved with in future

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