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Typing in the live editor is slow on Linux

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Craig Watson
Craig Watson le 15 Nov 2018
I just installed MATLAB R2018b on Linux Mint 19. I am used to using it on Windows, where the Live Editor works great.
On Linux however, there is a very annoying latency when typing. Whether it's in a text area or code block, there is maybe ~0.25s between the time I type and when something happens on screen. I tried disabling the Datatips, which didn't help.
What's going on, and is there any way to fix this? I am running on a fast computer, so performance should not be an issue.
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Mikhail le 2 Avr 2019
This is a not really helpfull comment, but "me too".
There are two painful points in MATLAB on Linux: the Help Browser, which is slow to the point of inusability (I prefer online Help) and the Live Editor (to the point that I avoid using it by all means).
Kevin Cutler
Kevin Cutler le 5 Juin 2019
Modifié(e) : Kevin Cutler le 5 Juin 2019
Same, I hope this is solved soon. I'm on 18.04 running R2019a, and it is terribly slow.

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Mikhail le 21 Oct 2021
MATLAB R2021b now uses the same technology for regular scripts and files, not just Live Scripts. Now all editing/scrolling is painfully slow, not just in Live Editor.
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Mikhail le 27 Déc 2021
I've noticed that the situation becomes much better when i change screen resolution from HiDPI (which is native for my display) to e.g. 1920x1080.
Can somebody who still experience with problem confirm they are using HiDPI display?
Mikhail le 27 Déc 2021
In fact, simply resizing the documentation browser window four times makes it work much smoother.

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Mikhail le 20 Mai 2019
No way!
MathWorks have fixed this in R2019a Update 2.
Not only Live Editor now works fine, but also Help Browser runs very smooth.
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Mikhail le 21 Oct 2021
Modifié(e) : Mikhail le 21 Oct 2021
I can tell that I've tried both linux-5.14 and linux-5.10. MATLAB R2021a works fine, R2021b works horribly in both cases.
I could try to fire up Debian's kernel here, but ffs, there is no guarantee it will work and that it is kernel that is a problem. It's easier to run MATLAB in a Windows VM - where it probably belongs anyway (and works way faster than in host Linux).
Felix le 1 Nov 2021
I can confirm the same experience: The Matlab R2021a editor works just fine, while with R2021b it became very slow.
In R2021b, for any action in the editor (press page down, or move cursor, or scroll with mouse wheel, etc), I get a lag of about 300 ms if the system is idle, and a good 2 seconds if I use a few cores in other processes (say 3 out of 16, so still plenty of free resources, and all other programs work fine). It's impossible to use the editor this way.
System runs Ubuntu 20.04, Linux kernel version is 5.11.

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Antonio Sala
Antonio Sala le 20 Mai 2019
Well, I just installed Update 2 and the problem seems still present on my Ubuntu 19.04 machine. Are you, Mikhail, on Linux?

Viktor Marinkov
Viktor Marinkov le 3 Mai 2019
I also confirm very laggy behaviour on Matlab 2018b and Ubuntu 19.04. Has there been any workaround?

LeChat le 13 Août 2019
I found a work around for Mac a couple years ago (here), by installing Matlab kernel into Jupyther. Check references therein for Linux and Windows.

sdkfjqsdkmfj mmkjmkjml
sdkfjqsdkmfj mmkjmkjml le 11 Oct 2019
Modifié(e) : sdkfjqsdkmfj mmkjmkjml le 11 Oct 2019
Same here, with Matlab R2017a under Linux Mint 19 on my Dell Laptop. This is absolutely horrible, so laggy that I cannot even use MATLAB, this worked so well under an older Linux Mint, I'm running crazy.
That's a shame, please fix ! I will not buy Matlab 2019 and install kernel 5.x (Linux Mint is stil on 4.x) just because of Mathworks devs !!
PS : any community workaround would appreciated.
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Mikhail le 14 Oct 2019
Even though Linux Mint is still on kernel 4.x, you can install a newer kernel (you need at least 5.2) using "Ukuu" utility. More info here: https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2017/02/ukuu-easy-way-to-install-mainline-kernel-ubuntu

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Antonio Sala
Antonio Sala le 12 Oct 2019
The problem seems to be solved in R2019b... at least it does work for me on Ubuntu 19.04 and 10.10 with that release. They didn't seem to announce it (or I am not aware of it) but the issue seems no longer present in my case.
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Johan Thor
Johan Thor le 13 Oct 2019
I have now rebooted into a series 4-kernel (4.15.0-65 on Ubuntu to be specific) and on this configuration, Matlab 2019b seems to solve this issue, Antonio said above. Live editor works just as on kernel version 5.
sdkfjqsdkmfj mmkjmkjml
sdkfjqsdkmfj mmkjmkjml le 13 Oct 2019
Modifié(e) : sdkfjqsdkmfj mmkjmkjml le 13 Oct 2019
Well, so Mathworks will alllow me to move to Matlab R2019b for FREE, right, as I can no longuer use the release I b-o-u-g-h-t ?
If not, I would like a FIX for this issue, that's a f*** shame.

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Panya Sukphranee
Panya Sukphranee le 15 Juil 2020
The issue seems to be with some package conflicts in Linux. My Liveeditor was running smoothly until I installed some MP4 codecs for screen recording. The entire Liveeditor is extremely slow to render.

Hiroyuki Oya
Hiroyuki Oya le 20 Mai 2022
Slow matlab edior problm is confirmed on my Ubuntu 22 machine.
R2021a does not have such lagging editor issue.
R2021b and R2022a has slow editor problem. I am going back to R2021a.


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