Index exceeds array bounds error when trying to reach .tif images from file

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I'm working on a program that tracks the movement of particles across many images and as such, it needs to access the file where these images are stored. However, I continue to run into the following issue when trying to access the images:
srcFiles =
0×1 empty struct array with fields:
Index exceeds array bounds.
Error in Particletracking (line 16)
filename = strcat('/Users/andromache/Desktop/Research/data/other/180319_114103_A1\ 20X\ PL\ FL\
Phase\ \(3\)',srcFiles(i).name);%Change filepath here
This corresponds to the following code:
%% Read File, filter signal, localize and track particles
srcFiles=dir('/Users/andromache/Desktop/Research/data/other/180319_114103_A1\ 20X\ PL\ FL\ Phase\ \(3\)*.tif ') %Change filepath here
for i=1:nbimage
%Analyze picture n°a to b
filename = strcat('/Users/andromache/Desktop/Research/data/other/180319_114103_A1\ 20X\ PL\ FL\ Phase\ \(3\)',srcFiles(i).name);%Change filepath here
a = imread(filename);
b = bpass(a,1,10);
pk = pkfnd(b,5000,11);
cnt = cntrd(b,pk,15);
%Create list of positions
if find(cnt) ~=0
pos_list=[pos_list; cnt(:,1),cnt(:,2), ones(length(cnt(:,1)),1).*i*dt];
Solutions attempted include running the code on both mac and windows as well as moving the filepath, and adjusting the filepath ad nauseum. I've inherited this project and code from a growing line who have successively added to the project, so I don't have a full understanding of the code and, given that I can't run it, am haivng a tough time trying to build an understanding of it.
Any suggestions are appreciated.
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Brendan Wolan
Brendan Wolan le 16 Nov 2018
This is the directory copied directly from my terminal:
/Users/andromache/Desktop/Research/data/other/180319_114103_A1\ 20X\ PL\ FL\ Phase\ \(3\)

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Ken Atwell
Ken Atwell le 21 Nov 2018
Modifié(e) : Ken Atwell le 21 Nov 2018
Those backslashes are likely not really part of the folder name, but inserted by the Terminal program to escape spaces in the folder name. As others have suggest, renaming the folder to something simplier is the easiest way forward.
Or, try this: Replace your use of dir with:
This press the Tab key. Use tab-completion to drill down to the desired folder, then close the string.
I suspect you'll send up with an assignment like this (some line wrapping inserted by MATLAB Answers):
srcFiles=dir('/Users/andromache/Desktop/Research/data/other/180319_114103_A1 20X PL FL
Phase (3)');
Later, don't use strcat, but fullfile to create the filename:
filename = fullfile(srcFiles(i).folder, srcFiles(i).name)
Hope that helps
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Brendan Wolan
Brendan Wolan le 23 Nov 2018
The simpler filepath solved the issue. Thanks all for the suggestions and help.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst le 16 Nov 2018
Modifié(e) : Image Analyst le 16 Nov 2018
Try making it more robust to discover what the problem is:
folder = 'C:/Users/andromache/Desktop/Research/data/other/180319_114103_A1\ 20X\ PL\ FL\ Phase\ \(3\)'
if ~exist(folder, 'dir')
message = sprintf('Directory does not exist:\n%s', folder)
filePattern = fullfile(folder, '*.tif')
sourceFiles = dir(filePattern)
if isempty(sourceFiles)
message = sprintf('No TIF files exist in folder:\n%s', folder);
for k = 1 : length(sourceFiles)
fullFileName = fullfile(folder, sourceFiles(k).name); % Change filepath here
fprintf('Found TIF file: %s\n', fullFileName);
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst le 19 Nov 2018
I don't know - I don't use a Mac. Perhaps move the files to a folder that doesn't have so many spaces, parentheses, and slashes. I've added the tag "mac" to your post so maybe some mac people will answer. Or else call tech support.

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