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How to use varargout function with matlab coder?

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Hi, i'm trying to convert my Matlab script into C with Matlab Coder app but i'm having a problem, when app get into the "Check for Run-Time Issue" window it tells me: Top-level function cannot have varargout.
I'm not a programer so i have only basic knowledge. How can i procede to overcome this issue?


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Accepted Answer

Ryan Livingston
Ryan Livingston on 20 Nov 2018
Starting in MATLAB R2017b, MATLAB Coder supports varargout in entry-point functions. The documentation:
covers this in more detail.
In earlier releases, you can have a wrapper with explicit output arguments. So if you are trying to generate code for
function varargout = entryPoint(a,b,c)
you can instead use
function [out1,out2,out3] = entryPointWrapper(a,b,c)
[out1,out2,out3] = entryPoint(a,b,c);
and generate code from entryPointWrapper.


Jucimar Carpe
Jucimar Carpe on 20 Nov 2018
Hi Ryan, first of all, thank you for your help. I'm sorry but i didn't get it how do i should put in my code.
I'm currently using the Matlab 2015 version, so i will use the second option you gave me.
If i understood, the script you send me, i should use the second one you wrote. I'hva e many inputs and many outputs even 3 fugures. How should do it?
Attached is my currently script.
Ryan Livingston
Ryan Livingston on 20 Nov 2018
Yep, the second option, using a wrapper function without varargout, is the best way forward.
That said, looking at your script since there is a lot of plotting and graphics, MATLAB Coder isn't the best tool. As Kojiro Saito and Fred Smith and said in your other question:
MATLAB Compiler would be a better tool for your application because of the plotting/app code.
Jucimar Carpe
Jucimar Carpe on 21 Nov 2018
Hi Ryan, i already done by matlab compiler and created my GUI interface but the i was trying to codify do C, but it's ok. Thanks for the help!

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