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Iteration for one column of linprog inequality constraint

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Andrew Alkiviades
Andrew Alkiviades on 11 Jul 2012
Hi I have the following code
Diesel_matrix = xlsread('test_diesel.xlsx','Sheet2');
Diesel_supply = Diesel_matrix(:,1); % Power output of diesel generator
hourly_cost = Diesel_matrix(:,2); % Diesel cost of running genreator at that output
for z = 1 : 21
A = [-PV_supply -WT_supply -Diesel_supply(z)];
f = [CRF_PV*CC_PV; CRF_WT*CC_WT; (CRF_Diesel_generator*CC_Diesel)+sum(hourly_cost(z))] % how do we manipulate diesel cost?
b = -Demand;
[x,fval,exitflag] = linprog(f,A,b,[],[],lb,ub)
What I am tying to do is iterate the "Diesel_supply" from the "Diesel_matrix" which is a 21x1 matrix with the respective cost.
The PV_supply and WT_supply are 24x1 size of known values. It is the "Diesel_supply" values that should be 24x1 but I don't know what the values are - what I do know is that each value of the 24 comes from the "Diesel_supply" column and that is why Im trying to iterate.
As the code stands there are dimensional errors on matrix "A" as I think the for loop is not iterating correctly and am wondering if anyone knows how to correct the code for the for loop


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