Does Educational license include HDL coder?

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madu wanniarachchi
madu wanniarachchi le 5 Déc 2018
We want to buy Matlab for a research purpose, which include HDL coder. As I got to know home and student license do not include HDL coder.Does educational license include HDL coder?

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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre le 5 Déc 2018
The best people to ask this question to are MathWorks sales reps. You can submit a question here.

madu wanniarachchi
madu wanniarachchi le 5 Déc 2018
Thak you very much

Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser le 5 Déc 2018
A university can purchase all MathWorks products, including HDL Coder. Still, approaching MathWorks Sales is a good thing to do, in case your IT told you this product is not yet licensed.





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