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Make matlab connector sync only certain folders

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Nikita Rudenko
Nikita Rudenko le 9 Déc 2018
I use matlab drive to sync my matlab projects across devices, so I could execute them even on my tablet. Matlab drive has a limitation of 5 GB of data, which is absolutely OK for me. But some of my projects use very big amount of input data such as spectra files, lots of images and so on. These data located in the same directory (or subdirectory) as project files. Because of this, matlab connector automatically sync not only the scripts but also all these heavy data which is absolutely unnecessary. How to make matlab connector not to sync certain subdirectories? Or maybe I should consider another approach to organize project files structure?

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Conor Burgess
Conor Burgess le 12 Avr 2019
Hi Nikita,
Unfortunately it isn't possible to exclude directories or subdirectories of your MATLAB Drive folder from syncing. Instead, you can place them in another directory alongside your MATLAB Drive folder and update your scripts to look in the new location.
The reason for this choice is to support exactly the use case you've described; to be able to execute your projects in MATLAB Online or MATLAB Mobile, they will presumably need access to all of the same data as when you execute them on your computer, so the data needs to be in your MATLAB Drive.


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