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Hough transform from scratch using MATLAB code to detect a line

Asked by anteneh tadesse on 13 Dec 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Ntiranyibagira Lionel on 9 Oct 2019 at 11:08
Anyone, please give a hint a The Hough transform using MATLAB code to detect a line without using the built in Hough transform MATLAB function, from scratch. Thanks a lot.


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Answer by Hans Scharler on 14 Dec 2018

Do you have access to the book, "Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB"?
Consider the normal representation of a line: x cos(theta) + y cos(theta) = rho.
You need to transform the image from [x,y] to [rho,theta] then for every non-background point in the xy plane, we let theta equal each of the allowed subdivision values on the theta-axis and solve for the corresponding rho using the equation rho = x cos theta + y sin (theta). The resulting rho-values are rounded off to the nearest allowed cell value along the rho-axis.

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Thanks for the book. It explains very well the hough transform for lines. Is there any book that explain how to find circles, hough transform for circles.

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