Diameter droplet on image low contrast

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falguifrog le 12 Jan 2019
Commenté : Kul Pun le 8 Oct 2020
Dear all,
I have a bunch of pictures like as I uploaded in my post. The image represents lipids droplets of an adipocyte. The images are acquired on a Raman spectrometer with transmitting white light. The numbers in the lipid droplets show where I did my analysis. I cannot re-acquire the image since the samples are gone. What I would like to do? I would like to calculate the diameter of droplets (which has a number inside).
My problem is: it is difficult to segment the shape of the droplet based only on colour of the droplet, because there is no clear contrast.
I’m a beginner in the image processing toolbox, but I’m familiar with Matlab. I made some search on internet, but there is so many functions with the image processing toolbox that I feel lost.
My two questions to the community:
  1. Could I calculate the diameters with Matlab with this kind of image ?or the image is so “bad” that I can’t calculate the diameter?
  2. Could you give me tracks to follow because I don’t know where to start?
My plan B is to segment manually the droplet with Image J. But I have approximately 6000 droplets. Doing this manually and one by one, I cannot imagine to do this.
Thanks for your help !
PS: From my research on internet, I was thinking about morphological function. Is it the good track?
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst le 12 Jan 2019
It might take less time to manually outline 6000 droplets than to develop an automatic algorithm. I have an example attached that used imfreehand().
Kul Pun
Kul Pun le 8 Oct 2020
hi, i am really struggling to find the droplet of water and oil can u guys suggest me the best way to calculate the oil and droplet which may be 500-1000 um. pl

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falguifrog le 12 Jan 2019
thanks for your feedback !


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