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Getting BIOSIG Plug-in to work

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Zahra le 23 Jan 2019
Modifié(e) : Wendy Fullam le 17 Déc 2019
I have EEGLAB v14.1.1 and I have installed the BIOSIG plugin (biosig4octmat-3.3.0) using biosig_installer.m and I have put the biosig folder into the EEGLAB plugin folder.
The Import functions work and the bar appears on File > Import Data > Using the biosig interface.
But the main purpose for me to use BIOSIG was to be able to use the data that I have processed earlier with EEGLAB, in MATLAB.
So, Firstly, I have .dat files (containing EEG data). I process them with EEGLAB and get .set and .fdt files.
Now I need to further process this data in MATLAB and I have to convert them back from .set and .fdt into .dat again.
And if I have understood correctly, for this conversion, I have to use BIOSIG. Am I right?
The error that I get is:
pop_writeeeg error: This function requires you to install BIOSIG Toolbox plug-in.

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Wendy Fullam
Wendy Fullam le 12 Déc 2019
Modifié(e) : Wendy Fullam le 17 Déc 2019
Have you tried using eeglabdevelopers/eeglab, A toolbox for processing electrophysiological data?
If you are using MATLAB R2016a or later, you can install this additional capability without leaving MATLAB. See the image below for steps to install.
Whether you need additional toolboxes, apps, hardware support packages, or community submissions, you can easily browse and find what you’re looking for using the Add-On Explorer. Learn more here.

Divya B
Divya B le 27 Mai 2019
can anybody help by answering the above question asked by Zahra??


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