TooltipString won't show if uicontrol Enable is not 'on'

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Kat Lee
Kat Lee on 23 Jan 2019
Commented: Kat Lee on 24 Jan 2019
Hey MATLAB users,
I have a Edit style uicontrol label, which has set 'enable' to 'intactive' to make it not editable.
But now, I also want to add a tooltipString for this ui label, but since it's set to inactive, nothing will show.
I really dont want to use 'text' since there is no outline for the label box.
Is there anyway I could add TooltipString for this case.
there is one ticket about it, but didn't solve my question really well:
Kat Lee
Kat Lee on 24 Jan 2019
This one works !
So far, i guess this is the " best" choice I could have if I want to set to 'interactive' but still want to keep the tooltip.
Hope MATLAB could extend this uicontrol with more option for users.

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Answers (1)

Luna on 24 Jan 2019
Edited: Luna on 24 Jan 2019
Here you can get the object, set editable property of the Java object as false like below and then add a tooltip.
hEditbox = uicontrol('String','Edit Text','Style','edit');
jEditbox = findjobj(hEditbox); % gets the java object handle
set(jEditbox,'Editable',false); % this will disable your editbox
set(jEditbox,'ToolTipText','Text is inactive for a reason'); % this will create a tooltip string
Kat Lee
Kat Lee on 24 Jan 2019
thanks for the information
I am not very willing to use drawnow and findjobj, since it will slow down the speed a lot if we generating a bunch of ui button

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