How can I add Python Package in MATLAB library Compiler?

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There's no Python Package on deploytool -> Library Compiler -> Application Type.zxc.PNG

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Sarah Crimi
Sarah Crimi on 28 Jan 2019
I had to manually add the Python files into the same file as the executible.

Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 28 Jan 2019
What version of MATLAB are you using? I believe the Python option was added in 15b.
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Mark Daniel Marmeto
Mark Daniel Marmeto on 29 Jan 2019
Unfortunately, I'm using R2014a. I'll try to install higher version. thanks!

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Giancarlo Meccariello
Giancarlo Meccariello on 22 Mar 2021
Did you find a solution? I am using R2020b and I don't have the python compiler option.
Elham Bakhshianlamouki
Elham Bakhshianlamouki on 14 Jan 2022
I have the same issue, I could not find any solution! Is there any one to find a solution for Matlab R2020b?

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