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Curve pattern prediction - Interpolation (neural network)

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Charlene le 31 Mar 2011
Could I use neural network in matlab to predict the pattern of curve from 2 curves plotted? Eg. I have a graph (flowrate vs time) plotted at different temperatures of 40 degree celcius & 60 degree celcius? Could I predict the curve at 50 degree celcius by interpolating the 2 curves? How to do that in Matlab? Any function?
Appreciate much if someone can provide guidance.
Thanks & regards, Matlab New USer

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Héctor Corte
Héctor Corte le 10 Jan 2012
This is not a trivial problem. A first aproximation can be done calculating the mean value of flowrate between 60 and 40 ºC. But you also have time... I recomend you to look for "time-series prediction".

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Greg Heath
Greg Heath le 11 Jan 2012
I really cannot see that enough information is available to obtain a more complicated model than the time vaying equation
y50 = (y40+y60)/2
Hope this helps.


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