Nyquist plot from 0 to Inf (only frequencies > 0)

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Maksym Zawrotny
Maksym Zawrotny on 2 Feb 2019
Answered: M on 12 Feb 2019
Hello, I am trying to plot a Nyquist plot but only for pulsations > 0.I tried
nyquist(H, W)
Where H is my transfer function (continuous time) and W is the cell:
W = {0, inf};
Yet somehow, my plot is still from -inf to +inf. How can I change that?

Answers (1)

M on 12 Feb 2019
If you specify the frequency as
WMIN and WMAX are real frequencies satisfying 0<=WMIN<WMAX<=Inf.
So by setting
W = {0, inf};
you're actually asking the default frequency, so you don't see any changes. Try to specify the frequency you want with:
W = linspace(-2*pi,2*pi,100);

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