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Determining length of values in cell

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Katrina Anderson
Katrina Anderson le 5 Fév 2019
Commenté : KSSV le 6 Fév 2019
I have a single column cell with numbers between 1 - 5 (each allocated to a behaviour). This is used to plot a line graph so I can see what behaviour occured at each given time period. My question: Is there a way to extract features such as for Step it occurs when the behaviour "4" is represented on the line graph for greater than 700 data points. Is there a way I can do that?
And also determine how many times in the cell the behaviour changes. Not sure if this makes sense. Ask me to clarify otherwise.
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TADA le 5 Fév 2019
can you share a small example to make it clearer?
Katrina Anderson
Katrina Anderson le 5 Fév 2019
Modifié(e) : Katrina Anderson le 5 Fév 2019
I will attach a screenshot of a small part of the graph:
possible_threshes = {'Standing', 'WS', 'PG', 'Step', 'LD'};
thresh_vals = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]
[tf, idx] = ismember(testmodel2(:,1), possible_threshes);
Behaviourcoded(tf, 1) = num2cell( thresh_vals( idx(tf) ) );
and thats how I got to that.
As you can see in the graph. Around the 8 - that is one step not two. Because there is a very short segment of '4'.
Hope that makes more sense?

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KSSV le 5 Fév 2019
Modifié(e) : KSSV le 5 Fév 2019
If A is your data...you can use logicals like ==, >, < etc..to find the locations. For example, if you want where 4 is present. If the data is in cell, you need to use flower braces: A{1} ....
idx = find(A==4) ;
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Katrina Anderson
Katrina Anderson le 6 Fév 2019
so like this:
idx = find([Behaviourcoded{:}] == 4);
and how would I find the incidence of 4 appearing 700 data points or more consecutively. Is this possible?
KSSV le 6 Fév 2019
YOu can use diff and check....

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