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Martin Vrabel
Martin Vrabel le 5 Fév 2019
Hello everyone,
I need create hydrodynamic pump with double impeller please. First impeller works as motor/turbine and second impeller works as centrifugal pump. Is there any possibility to create this machine in MATLAB SimHydraulics ?
Thank you so muchMATHWORKS.jpg

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Yifeng Tang
Yifeng Tang le 28 Sep 2022
The centrifugal pump block is available in Simscape Fluids for the Hydraulic domain since R2007a and for the newer Isothermal Liquid domain since R2020a. So the centrifugal pump part is relatively straightforward.
The turbine isn't as easy I suppose. There isn't a pre-built block for a hydraulic turbine yet. But I think it's possible to assemble a behavioral model using the foundation blocks. Here is a concept:
The turbine map look up table will get us the right pressure drop at certain flow rate and rpm. RPM is measured from the mechanical side, which is modeled as a torque source, whose value is coupled with the fluid work. Never tested this though. Just a thought. Have used a similar approach to model gas compressor and turbine before. May also work here.


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