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half bridge LLC resonant converter transfer function

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Sikandar Shah
Sikandar Shah le 6 Fév 2019
Commenté : Nadir Khan le 16 Août 2023
Hello Everyone
I am trying to design digital compensator for half bridge LLC resonant converter, I need help to calculate the transfer of the open loop converter. If anyone has a matlab code to find the transfer function please share it with me on my email syed_shah@seu.edu.cn. Thanks in advance.
Syed shah

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Pranjal Priyadarshi
Pranjal Priyadarshi le 18 Fév 2019
In order to calculate the transfer of the open loop converter we can use the function getLoopTransfer(T,Locations) which returns the point-to-point open-loop transfer function of a control system measured at specified analysis points. The details of using this function can be found in this link.
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Ramana manohar
Ramana manohar le 5 Mar 2021
Please find the matlab code for the Transferfunction
Nadir Khan
Nadir Khan le 16 Août 2023
@Pranjal Priyadarshi @Sikandar Shah@Ramana manohar do you have any other Simulation file data (Matlab/simulink ) related to LLC resoannt converter ,i am stuck in desgining VCO for control of LLC resoanant converter.
Please do this favour to me if you have any relevant data on this topic

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