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Forgot licence number or activation key

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Krishnan  nair
Krishnan nair le 6 Fév 2019
I bought Licence key back in 2012 when I was a student at University of New South Wales. I have now forgot my licence number and activation key. I remember I bought Mathlab CD from university bookshop.
Would you be able to track my pruchase and provide me with activiation key.
Krishnan Nair
<deleted email address>

Réponses (1)

Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser le 6 Fév 2019
a couple of things:
I deleted the email address from your question to help you avoiding spam into your account
I found data in the MathWorks database with this email address, but from a UK university and not being linekd to a license. You may have used a different email address to that time. If you recall, you can call MathWorks Customer Service.
I doubt you find value in a 7 year old piece of software. If you purchased a Student Version and you are not a student anymore, obviously you should not do that. If you plan to use the products as a hobbyist, a lot of new capabilities in this area have been added and I suggest you purchase a Home License.


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