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How do I get 2 pages per sheet when printing file from Matlab Editor?

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I am using Matlab version (R2018b) and a Canon MG 7150 printer. The latter has an option to print 2 pages per sheet and this feature works fine with other editors and word processors. However, when I select this printer driver option from within the Matlab Editor print command I am always presented with output of 1 page per sheet.
Any ideas about where I am going wrong - or does the Matlab Editor override the printer-driver options?
As an aside, probably not relevant, the Matlab Editor correctly permits 2-sided printing if selected in the printer driver, but ignores the request to preview the printer output before printing – most odd!

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Santhosh A V
Santhosh A V le 19 Fév 2019
Hi Peter
The default Page setup of MATLAB editor do not provide any options to change the number of pages to be printed in a single page.
However one possible workaround for the issue is to use “Publish option” of MATLAB Editor.You may follow below steps for the same.
  1. Click on “Publish” tab
  2. Click on “Edit Publish Configuration”
  3. In the Output Settings select Output file format as “doc”
  4. Click on Publish
Now the code along with plots will be opened in Microsoft word where in you can select “2 Pages per sheet” in Print. Please refer below image for more info:
Hope this helps.

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Peter Gorman
Peter Gorman le 20 Fév 2019
Santhosh A V, thanks for the response. Publish worked fine after I realised I needed to turn off 'Evaluate Code' to get the source code alone and to avoid execution errors being printed on anything other than stand-alone scripts. It's also a bit of a nuisance having to add headers and footers to the resulting .doc file by hand, in order to get file names, dates, page numbers etc on the listing. This effort is worthwhile for a final filing copy, but not for frequent copies taken for marking up for development purposes.
Also my query still remains regarding why and how the Matlab Editor print function overrides the '2 pages per sheet' option selected in the printer driver.


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