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Dropped samples error in Over the air LTE transmission

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Mugdha Jadhao
Mugdha Jadhao on 9 Feb 2019
Commented: Mugdha Jadhao on 1 Mar 2019
In, Transmission using SDR Hardware(code in above link),
bufferUnderflow = sdrTransmitter(txFrame(:,n));
if bufferUnderflow~=0
warning('Dropped samples')
bufferUnderflow's value is 1 always. Therefore, transmission is not happening due to dropped samples. Some problem is happening with sdrTransmitter object I think.
New to wireless communication and SDR.

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Neil MacEwen
Neil MacEwen on 12 Feb 2019
Hi Mughda,
Underflows are not surprising when trying to stream data in real-time from MATLAB/Simulink to the SDR hardware. Either MATLAB may not keep up with the required sample rate on the hardware, or the Ethernet link between your host PC and the board may not be fast enough. Make sure you use a dedicated network card, or USB3 dongle on your PC.
You can use the transmitRepeat method to work around these limitations. This loads a set of samples onto the board and transmits it repeatedly onto the air. Please see this answer for futher details.

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