MATLAB Compiler license restrictions

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Michael Smith
Michael Smith le 12 Fév 2019
I have tried to find if there is a special license for the MATLAB Compiler, but could not find any on the Mathworks website. Although surely tecnically possible, I wonder if the MATLAB Compiler license would allow one to run (several) instances of a compiled MATLAB App with the MCR runtime in the cloud (for exmple on AWS) and provide (and sell/license) this to end users? As a follow up are there any restrictions on the functionality that one can compile into the App from a legal/license point of view (other than the technical ones).

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Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser le 12 Fév 2019
MATLAB Answers is promarily as techical forum. I sugest you contact your associated sales person who has the business / legal information you are seeking.


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