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How it is possible to find and use the thermolib toolbox?

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concetta semeraro
concetta semeraro le 12 Fév 2019
Commenté : Josue le 31 Août 2023
How it is possible to find and use the thermolib toolbox for R2018b?

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Santhosh A V
Santhosh A V le 19 Fév 2019
Hi Concetta
Thermolib is a third-party product. Please find more info below
Following links can help in installing Thermolib in Simulink.
Please contact the Thermolib technical support if you need any further Assistance.
Hope this helps.

Edwards Chen
Edwards Chen le 9 Oct 2019
Yes that is a third-party product, If you have any question about this product. please contact us, a partner of Thermolib (EUtech) from China, support@fuelcellin.com.


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