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How to save the output of a loop with sequential file numbers.

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pldr-bny le 18 Fév 2019
I am trying to save the output of a simple face detector. I have a group image with multiple faces and want to store cropped images of each face individually, as well as a rotated version of the image. This is a simplified version of the code I am implementing and would be very grateful if someone could help me write the two output images (face_crop and imrotate) to one folder. The file names do not matter. Thank you!
I = imread('my group image')
% bounding_box is size 50
bounding_box = step(vision.CascadeObjectDetector(), I)
for i:size(bounding_box, 1)
% Save this image as 01.jpg (then 03, 05, 07 .... 99)
face_crop = imcrop(I, [227,227])
% Save this image as 02.jpg (then 04, 06, 08 .... 100)
imrotate = (face_crop, 5, 'bilinear')

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Thorsten le 18 Fév 2019
for i:size(bounding_box, 1)
face_crop = imcrop(I, [227,227])
filename = sprintf('%02d.jpg', 2*i - 1);
imwrite(face_crop, filename);
face_rot = imrotate(face_crop, 5, 'bilinear');
filename = sprintf('%02d.jpg', 2*i);
imwrite(face_rot, filename);

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