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Want to share my code

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Oman Wisni
Oman Wisni on 19 Feb 2019
Commented: Oman Wisni on 19 Feb 2019
hi, I want to share my matlab code that I use for my web-based project thesis. I got a lot of help completing the MATLAB program code from this forum, but I want to share it again. My code is complete with manual calculations that I take from several theories and manual network calculations such as multilayer perceptron.
Because maybe I will not continue concentrating on the image processing, rather than not being used and I think someone wants to continue, so it is good. This is not perfect, but if someone experiences problems like me, my it can help little. Can I share it here? because the size is quite large including php code. Thank you


Star Strider
Star Strider on 19 Feb 2019
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Oman Wisni
Oman Wisni on 19 Feb 2019
ok thank you

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