fixed-point iteration for root finding

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libin danial
libin danial le 27 Juil 2012
Write a program that uses fixed-point iteration to find the non-zero root of f(x) = x3/2 – x2 + x. Make sure you choose an iteration function, g(x), that will converge for a reasonably good initial guess.
clc, clear all, close all
%define the perimeters
for i=1:10
this is what i have so far
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 27 Juil 2012
You seem to have forgotten to ask a question ?
Also, your code does not appear to have any g(x) function as required in the assignment ?

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Sargondjani le 27 Juil 2012
a while loop might be a good idea:
err_lim = 1e-6;
x_new = %initial guess
err = err_lim *2; %arbitrary to pass while statement;
while err >= err_lim;
x_old = x_new;
.... computations
x_new = x_old - j\F;
err = %abs(F(x_new));
i defined the error as the difference from 0, but you could also include a criterium for the change in x, for example.

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