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plotting in a loop with a function

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Benjamin on 5 Mar 2019
Commented: Benjamin on 5 Mar 2019
I have the following code:
for x = 1:0.01:1.5
z = g(x,rpf);
but when I run this (assume my function is correct), I only get that z is equivalent to the last data point. How can I store x and z in a matrix and then plot them?


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Accepted Answer

Bob Nbob
Bob Nbob on 5 Mar 2019
You need to index z with each loop.
count = 0;
for x = 1:0.01:1.5;
count = count + 1;
z(count) = g(x,rpf);


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Benjamin on 5 Mar 2019
yeah, I mean I figured it out, I just set x=1:0.01:1.5 after the loop and before the plot command. was just noting that that plot command as it was could not explicitly be used. thanks for the help!
Benjamin on 5 Mar 2019
Can I ask a follow-up? How could I do an outer loop for different values of rpf and then plot each one on the same plot? And the values for rpf would be like specific values: (i.e. 5.4, 6.7, 5.2 etc) Any ideas how I would do this? When I try it, it just keeps adding move rows to z, rather than just overwriting it on the next loop
Benjamin on 5 Mar 2019
I created a new question, maybe you could answer this question there.

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