where to find resizeImage2D ?

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Jack Xiao
Jack Xiao on 6 Mar 2019
Commented: Steven Lord on 7 Mar 2019
I searched the matlabroot, but do not find the function, and ' doc' and 'edit' command still find it.
so where to find resizeImage2D ?

Accepted Answer

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 6 Mar 2019
It is a function in the nnet.internal.cnnhost package directory. Its name is not resizeImage2D but nnet.internal.cnnhost.resizeImage2D. As the "internal" part of the package name indicates, you should not write code depending on the behavior or existence of this function in a future release.
According to the which function, this function is built-in and so you cannot read the code.
>> which -all nnet.internal.cnnhost.resizeImage2D
resizeImage2D is a built-in method % static method or package function
Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 7 Mar 2019
It's built-in and there is no help text for it. Don't write code that depends on it functioning a particular way or even it existing in a future release.

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