Why does my ctfroot have unexpected subfolders?

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I'm running a deployed executable, in which I load myfile.jpg. I access the file using:
if isdeployed
matlabImage = imread(strcat(AppRoot,'\myfile.jpg'));
However the file is not found, because it is actually located in this subfolder of ctfroot:
As it happens, all the source files and myfile.jpg live in C:\AQUAscat_Toolkit, which is where I'm running my compiler, but I haven't explicitly included that path in the compiler settings, so why has it put it in a subfolder and not in the root? It seems to be using absolute rather than relative paths. I cannot find any setting to change the source file root. Also, since the subfolder in ctfroot is a truncated version of the original, how safe would it be to assume that my file will always be in a subfolder with that name?

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Answers (1)

Bereketab Gulai
Bereketab Gulai on 8 Oct 2019
The issue whereby the resource location was changed after several times of compiling. Occurred because the resources folder added was not in the matlab path.
Try it and add the all paths to the matlab session during compiling.




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