Effacer les filtres
Effacer les filtres

How can i get the frequency response from this code:

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codefanta le 8 Mar 2019
close all; clc;
load('whitenoize.mat'); %generated white noise
load('whitenoiserec.mat'); %recorded white nosie
x = orgwhite(20000:50000); % extract the white noise part only
y = recwhite(20000:50000)'; % extract the corresponding response to white noise part
h2 = ifft(fft(y)./fft(x)); %to get impulse response

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Pranjal Priyadarshi
Pranjal Priyadarshi le 14 Mar 2019
Frequency response uses an FFT-based algorithm to calculate the Z-transform frequency response of a digital filter. The function “freqz” can be used to find the frequency response. In the simplest form “freqz” accepts the filter coefficient vectors b and a and integer p specifying the number of points at which to calculate the frequency response. For more information on frequency response the following document can be followed:

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