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Simscape Generic Engine Not Working

Asked by Wei Kang Chang on 8 Mar 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Adhip Shukla on 13 Oct 2019 at 7:27
There is an issue in my model. I am trying to use the generic engine to power my vehicle system but it always ended up giving me zero torque regardless the changes I did in the parameters. I followed the simscape tutorial ,Student Competition: Physical Modeling Training. I still cannot make the engine work.
Attached hereby my files. And hopefully will hear from you soon.
Best regards
Wei Kang


I have the similar problem!! I already specify initial veocity and engine inertia, but all output ports provide zero signal. How can I download your simulink model ("EngineProblem.slx")?
Adhip Shukla on 13 Oct 2019 at 7:26
Hi Tatyana
I am also facing the same problrm. Did you get the solution to your above problem ? please help me out if you get its solution.

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1 Answer

Answer by Veer Alakshendra on 13 Mar 2019
Edited by Veer Alakshendra on 13 Mar 2019
 Accepted Answer

Hi Wei,
Thanks for reaching out and sharing the models with us.
We just checked your model. While using 'Generic Engine Block', it's important to define the 'Engine inertia' and 'Initial velocity' as these parameters account for the dynamics of the engine. Please specify these values, and you will get the required torque.


Hello Sir,
Im currently working on Matlab Simscape to develop vehicle powertrain for SAE Baja. I would like to bring in the characteristics of briggs and stratton model 19 engine in to generic engine.But when i enter the Torque vs rpm data into the Parameter data the output that i get is completely irrelevent. I get high power at beggining which exponentially decreases to zero. I tried various iterations but the results are pathetic. I dont know the exact inertia and initial velocity values. Please help us find a solution to run the simulation by means of any mechanical sources available in matlab.
Thank you sir,
Hi Farhan,
Thanks for reaching out.
Let me first answer your question regarding the initial velocity and exact inertia. The initial velocity should be higher than the minimum velocity in your data sheet. For example, if your data sheet has 2000 RPM as the minimum value, the initial velocity will > 2000 RPM. As far as the value of interia, it's generally between 0.5 to 1 for you engine.
Now coming back to your error. I am assuming that you are using the data sheet provided by the manufacturer. The problem with the data sheet is that you don't have enough data points in the data sheet of provided by your manufacturer.Also, that data sheet is only intended for initial gearing and clutch set-up. It would be much better if you have a dyno test data with enough data points. Please note that the "generic engine" block is like a look-up table which outputs the values based on interpolation. So, more the number of data points better the results.
Fortunately, we have recently come up with a video on "Modeling of a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) BAJA All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)" where you can see how we have modeled the ATV using the dyno test engine data. We have provided the models and the dyno test data as well. Here are the links for teh video and the models:
Please watch the video and use our model as a reference model to build your own model.
Adhip Shukla on 13 Oct 2019 at 7:27
Dear Sir,
I am also facing the same problem as mentioned by Wei Kang and I have also specified intertia and intial velocity my model is not showing any warnings and is compilig sucessfully but all results are showing zero torque and velocity. I made my model following the student compitions video and I have paramaterize my engine by using the values of engine used in ford ikon. Kindly check the model attached and solve my problem.
Adhip Shukla

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