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how can i a create a struct?

Asked by Guido Pastore on 16 Mar 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Star Strider
on 16 Mar 2019
given 3 cell how do I create a struct with these 3 cell?


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I'm not very practical with matlab
and I'm working on a project and I need this information ... i'm sorry
on 16 Mar 2019
It might be a better idea to do a short course on using Matlab. There are several free ones you could find online. One of these is provided by Mathworks: link.
Star Strider
on 16 Mar 2019
Background reference: a cell of double heading

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Answer by Stephan
on 16 Mar 2019
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the best way to learn Matlab is reading the excellent documentation. Have a read here:
Best regards