Saving a Bilevel - or Binary Image

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Matthew Moynihan
Matthew Moynihan on 26 Jan 2011
I am creating a black and white movie in my code. I create a 4 dimensional matrix of zeros. Each number in the matrix is a uint8. This is the problem.
B = zeros(X, Y, 1, NumberOfFrames);
B = uint8(B);
All I want to save is a 1 and a 0. By doing a unit8 I add 7 extra bits to each pixel. This is over a 25 minute mov file!! How can I save the information using less memory? Is there for example an:
B = binary(B);

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 26 Jan 2011
B = false(X, Y, 1, NumberOfFrames); %casts as logical (1bit)
B = logical(B); %for something already in black and white but not 1bit

Siddharth Shankar
Siddharth Shankar on 26 Jan 2011
B = zeros(X, Y, 1, NumberOfFrames);
B = logical(B);
is what you are looking for. More info here: Logical Types
Siddharth Shankar
Siddharth Shankar on 27 Jan 2011
Sean, the code provided above is by no means meant to be "best practice" or the "best way" to do something. I was simply working off the code that "justthebasics" provided. The key was to make him aware of the LOGICAL function.

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