facing problem in writing complex programme

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Respected sir i have written following matlab programme for formula q2 ,but it shows error. please help me to correct it.
lamda=[0.01: 0.001 : 0.1];
p= lamda/delta;
part1=beta /lamda(0.5-delta+delta^2);
part2=8 * lamda *sqrt(beta);
part3= sqrt(exp(-1/(2*lamda))-sqrt(exp(-delta/(2*lamda));
part5=4 * sqrt(beta)*(1-delta)* exp(-lamda/(2*delta);
part7=lamda * (exp (-1/lamda)-exp(-delta/lamda));
q2= part1 + part4 + part5 + part6 + part7;
formula given below

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M on 20 Mar 2019
Can you show the entire error message ?
You have at least one error at line 5:
part1=beta /lamda(0.5-delta+delta^2);
saying that "Array indices must be positive integers or logical values." You should refer to this for further information:
Is lambda a function in q2 ?
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Souvick roy
Souvick roy on 20 Mar 2019
Edited: Souvick roy on 20 Mar 2019
Respected sir,
please write this programme.
lamda is a number
q2 depends on lamda value

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 20 Mar 2019
you need to vectorize . In particular use ./ instead of /
Matlab does not have implicit multiplication . lambda(0.5 etc) is a request to index lambda not a multiplication .


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