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How do i compute the MFCC

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Suman le 4 Août 2012
I have done the sound recording and calculate the FFT after windowing the signal with Hamming window.Now i am confused about the logic and algorithm of calculating the MFCC. My questions are: 1). What are the output of the FFT? 2). What are the frequency bin? 3). How to determine the triangular bandpass filter? 4). I need to calculate the log energy of each triangular bandpass filter.What frequency is used?Is that the frequecy of FFT or bin freguency calculated from FFT? 5). When is to calculate the log energy before DFT or after DFT or in both case? 6). What is the delta and delta cepstrum?how is that calculate?
Plz help me with the logic and algorithm so that i can be able to know all this and calculate without any error. Thanx in advance

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William le 5 Août 2012
use this toolbox. It's free. I used it for the same thing you did. It has all the functions you need and fairly decent explanations. No sense reinventing the wheel. It's called the "voicebox" toolbox


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