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How can I completely get rid of MATLAB Drive

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ChiPhi85 on 28 Mar 2019
Commented: ChiPhi85 on 22 Apr 2019
I used MATLAB Drive for a project I was working on for a team remotely. I now want to get rid of MATLAB Drive from both my personal laptop and their work computers. I have uninstalled and deleted the folder as suggested in:
But I still have a MATLAB Drive folder. I want to completely get rid of this so there are no issues with syncing and because they now want to continue using the folder for other work.


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Conor Burgess
Conor Burgess on 12 Apr 2019
After following the instructions in that answer, you should just be able to delete your MATLAB Drive Folder locally (it isn't being synchronised anymore, but the uninstall doesn't delete it because it contains your files).


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ChiPhi85 on 12 Apr 2019
Sorry, I realise how unclear that was. I mean it's a network drive on their insitution's network, shared between multiple users, granted permission by their IT department. It's where they want the MATLAB files and they are unable to download .exe files over the internet so I used MATLAB Drive to sync my laptop and their network folder. Probably a bit dodgy but we were short on time and couldn't think of another way to do it without getting IT involved. They will also start storing a lot of data in there that I shouldn't be able to access so I need to break all ties. They don't actually use MATLAB Drive at all as they have no need for it.
Currently, as you say, I don't believe files are syncing between my laptop and their network, but I'd like to remove any instance of MATLAB Drive from their computers as I think it would look bad if they were audited and unable to say who has access to that network folder through MATLAB Drive once they start putting sensitive data in there.
Hope that makes sense?? Thanks for your attention with this!
Conor Burgess
Conor Burgess on 16 Apr 2019
Ah, yes, ok, I see. So once you've completed the uninstall from your laptop and their work computers, you'll still be left with a folder which looks like your MATLAB Drive Folder (even though it isn't being synchronised anymore). Inside this folder you should find a hidden folder called ".MATLABDriveAppData" and a hidden "desktop.ini" file if you're on Windows. Removing both of these should restore the folder to its original non-MATLAB Drive state.

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