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why does my gui handle structure not contain objects?

Asked by Scott Leonard on 11 Apr 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Scott Leonard on 11 Apr 2019
I cannot get the GUIDE gui creator to work on the PC's (HP-440's) in my classified lab (version 2013a), but at my desk (version 2018) it works fine. In the lab when I run a simple gui I created (Pushbutton and Edit box) and look at the handles structure, all of the handles referenced are just doubles, instead of being objects, like they are at my desk running the same basic gui. I have tried on multiple PC's in the lab, and it is the same on all of them. Is there some Add-Ons I may need to add in order to get this working? Perhaps there is some security patch on the lab PC which is messing up the handle/object creation? I have examinied the code created by the GUIDE in both places and it is virtually identical. I have created many GUI's in the past in other labs and at other desk PC's over the years and never had this problem, it is just ocurring on the PC's in this one lab.
Should I try a newer version of MatLab, or maybe 32 bit vs 64?????
Thanks, Scott


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Answer by Geoff Hayes
on 11 Apr 2019
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Scott - in the older versions of MATLAB (R2014a and earlier), the handles to the the GUI controls were that is why your 2013a version is exhibiting this "behaviour". See Graphics Handles Are Now Objects, Not Doubles for details.

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